Twelve-year-old Maddie may or may not be friends with popular Cassie. Maddie may or may not get the coveted role of Juliet in the class play. Maddie’s friends may or may not get her sense of humor, creative flights of imagination, or penchant for fake mustaches. Maddie may or may not admit to having something weird going on with her right arm, leg, and now eye. But it is definite when the neurologist says Maddie has a brain tumor and needs surgery, and that the surgery might change her personality, or even end her life. Maddie doesn’t want anyone to know, but Mom convinces her to tell. Much to Maddie’s surprise, it turns out she has a ton of supporters, who all start wearing mustaches, too. Pictures pop up on the Internet: teachers, friends’ parents, Dad’s coworkers, people in town, complete strangers—more than 400 mustachioed postings to help Maddie bear her long, tough treatment. Based on the authors’ experience, this sweet, hopeful, believable, and unsentimental tale rings true. Being brave, growing up, true friendship—this has it all.